Double-system locomotive series 361

The electric locomotive series 361 was created by extensive rebuilding from direct-current locomotive series 163 by installation of the second traction system and modernization of components. The traction chain is completed with newly-developed and manufactured traction transformer T1T-4900-25/2x1700, disconnectors, earthing devices, alternatingcurrent master switch, traction rectifier UN 3000/1410. Original pulse converters in the quantity of 4 pcs are replaced with two JR 3000/3000-720 pulse converters for power supply of traction motors, which have an increased power of 900 kW due to modernization.

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An excitation of traction motors itself in the running – brake mode is provided by pulse converter of excitation of motors JR 3000/2x220-90.1. New control system MIREL RS 361 is installed in the locomotive, which provides the control of locomotive in all modes. Airconditioning units have been installed to driver cabs and it was created hygiene corner with hot and cold water, microwave oven, kettle and refrigerator in order to increase the comfort.

Technical parameters of electric locomotive series 361

Axle arrangement

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Maximum speed 140 km.hour-1

Track gauge

1 435 mm

Supply voltage 3 kV=/25kV, 50 Hz
Constant power 3 600 kW/DC system
3 200 kW/AC system
Length of locomotive over buffers 16 800 mm
Width of locomotive body 2 940 mm
Height of locomotive up to lowered pantograph 4 650 mm
Traction motors type 11 AL 4542 FiR (4pcs)
Weight of locomotive 86 t
Power of electrodynamic brake 3 000 kW
Power for train heating 700 kVA
Tractive effort control pulse


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